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We are the go-to partner for venture capitalists and companies who need training and coaching for their business leaders and product managers to successfully build, run, and scale SaaS offerings.

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Prevent and solve common problems

Without guidance and support on this journey, you may struggle to overcome the challenges of building a SaaS product. Your product may fail to gain traction in the market, leading to lost time, money, and opportunities. Don’t make the same mistakes that so many businesses have already made:


Building a product without validating the market;


Poorly managing cash flow;

Focusing on features rather than solving customer problems;
Going to the market without a clear strategy;
Neglecting customer support and engagement;
Feeling overwhelmed by the technical complexities;
Falling behind competition;
Failing to recruit and retain talent.

Key Features

Join forces with us to embark on your SaaS product journey, whether you’re starting or already underway.


Cohort-Based and Personalized Saas Classes

Our course is cohort-based and tailored to your needs, which means future SaaS leaders will be learning alongside a group of peers and receiving personalized attention from our experienced instructors.


Complete and In-Depth Saas Course

Our curriculum is designed to provide a complete and in-depth understanding of SaaS concepts and best practices, including topics such as SaaS validation, market research, pricing, financial modeling, product development, marketing and sales, customer support and success, and more.


Industry Experts as Instructors

Our instructors are SaaS industry experts with years of experience working with SaaS companies, and they bring a wealth of real-world knowledge and practical insights to every lesson.

Curriculum overview

Our SaaS course is designed to help you navigate the “Eight A’s” of building a SaaS product, from ideation to launch and beyond:

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1. Affirmation

Learn to validate your SaaS product by conducting market research, creating and quantifying buyer personas, gathering user feedback, and testing your value proposition.

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2. Appraisal

Together, we’ll go through various pricing models and their pros and cons so you can start with a plan that is more likely to maximize revenue and profitability.

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3. Acquisition Planning

Selecting the most effective distribution methods is essential for reaching the right customers and achieving sustainable growth.

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4. Accounting

Deep dive into forecasting revenue, projecting expenses, and creating budgets to ensure that a SaaS company has enough resources to sustain its operations, fund growth initiatives, and meet its financial goals.

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5. Assembly

We’ll cover strategies for planning and managing the SaaS build process to ensure that the product meets the target market’s needs and is delivered on time and within budget.

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6. Acquisition

Discover how to create a SaaS launch plan and implement successful sales teams and marketing strategies.

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7. Activation

Engage your customers and reduce churn through a seamless onboarding process, product tours, user communities, customer support and success teams, and more.

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8. Analytics

Measuring KPIs and tracking user behavior will allow you to make data-driven decisions to optimize your SaaS product, operations, and business strategy.

Learn how to identify your target audience, develop a unique value proposition, implement and manage the necessary teams to create and launch a minimum viable product and more.

Benefits of our course

Enroll in our Saas training class to gain the knowledge, skills, and support needed to build a successful SaaS product tailored to your audience.


Our Guarantee

We are committed to ensuring that every future SaaS leader will benefit from our expertise. In the unlikely event that you feel you are not getting what you need out of the course, we offer a full refund until the second week of the course.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a cohort-based SaaS course?

A cohort-based course in SaaS is an online learning program where a group of students move through the course content together. They start and end the course at the same time and participate in synchronous sessions and group activities.

How does a cohort-based SaaS course differ from self-paced learning?

Cohort-based SaaS training and classes have a set schedule and timeline, while self-paced learning allows the student to progress through the course content at their own pace. In a cohort-based course, there is a sense of community and accountability among the students and instructor, while in self-paced learning the student is responsible for their own progress.

What are the benefits of taking a cohort-based SaaS course?

The benefits of taking a cohort-based course in SaaS include having a structured learning experience, a sense of community and accountability among classmates, and the opportunity for interaction and collaboration with both the instructor and classmates.

What kind of support is available for students taking a cohort-based SaaS training?

Students taking a cohort-based SaaS course will have access to an instructor for questions and support, including one on one coaching sessions. They will also have access to classmates for peer-to-peer support and collaboration.

How is the course material delivered in a cohort-based course in SaaS?

The course material in a cohort-based SaaS training and our SaaS classes is typically delivered through a combination of synchronous Zoom video lectures and discussions, readings, and assignments.